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(York, Thursday 2 August 2012) What do you think of when you think of exercising? If you’re an athletic type of person, then you might look forward to it. Most people who do not currently exercise regularly will probably disagree and even the best laid plans will disappear at the thought of staying in bed versus getting up and doing a few miles. said that the trick to staying active was to do activities that you think are fun rather than the boring, painful or tedious ones. So, instead of doing 45 minutes on the treadmill, get involved in a sport you would enjoy, like walking with a friend in a beautiful setting or dancing. So you are probably wondering what this has to do with article marketing? Well it all comes down to a ’mindset’, claim the article marketers, and that’s exactly what happens when you are writing articles. To get around this, the article submission site have published these top tips on how to change your mindset when writing articles:

Make it easier by taking the pressure off.
One of the reasons writing an article may seem hard is that you have a certain idea on how long it should take. Maybe you’ve heard about other people writing articles in a really short amount of time, and you feel pressured to match their speed. In this case, the article submission site’s advice would be “ to take your time, and don’t compare yourself to others.”

Make it doable.
Give yourself several days to complete an article, rather than trying to write it all in one sitting. It’s not a skill that most people have innately, and it takes time to be developed.The article marketing company also state that, “It also helps to take a long range view of your article marketing success. When people start out thinking that they just need to write one or two articles in order for their website to end up at the top of Google, then they can get easily frustrated. Instead, settle into the idea of writing articles on a regular basis and commit to submitting articles over the long term.”

Make it interesting.
Write about a topic that is small enough for you to cover in one article, but big enough to be interesting to you. Also, think about the type of article that you (as a reader) would find interesting, and then aim to write an article like that.

Make it social.
One thing that will help you enjoy writing is to think of it as interacting with your readers. In the online world, state that writing articles is one way that you can communicate with limitless people who are interested in your niche. Try to write articles with a conversational tone; think of your article as a conversation (albeit one-sided) where you share valuable information with your readers.

Make it fun.
What can you find that is a fun way for you to write? Maybe you enjoy doing keyword research and then basing your articles off of the information that you find. Or you can get quirky and write creative articles: the choice is endless.

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