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May 19, the Next Terrorist Event?


Adventist Physician Claims Clues Point to US

Prescott, AZ, March 31 - Dr. Richard Ruhling says his church has information on 9-11 and what’s next. In “The Last Crisis,” founder Ellen White in NYC had a vision of “buildings rising story after story…These buildings were warranted to be fireproof…[but] were consumed as if made of pitch. The fire engines could do nothing.”

That article on 9-11 was published in 1909, Volume 9, page 11-13 of Ellen White’s Testimonies for the Church. Ruhling claims clues from the same book point to a terrorist event on May 19: She saw “Buildings great and small were falling to the ground …Many lives were blotted out…” ibid, p 92,93.

White wrote, “Through His prophet Zephaniah, the Lord specifies judgments that He will bring…‘I will consume man and beast; the fowls and fishes…” Ruhling claims the dead birds and fish mark this year. Miners used canaries in mines as an index of safety; but we are so numb with sensational news that whales beaching themselves or birds falling out of the sky are shrugged off.

Killer Storms Are Coming was the cover story of Popular Science, Sep ’95, on HAARP (Hi-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) that can cause hurricanes and earthquakes. Scientist Richard Williams called it “global vandalism,” appealing for open discussion, but media went no further. We think Japan’s earthquake was their problem, but scientists say, based on cloud patterns and electromagnetic “signature,” that HAARP caused it,

NASA’s Ames Center reported 100 earthquakes over 5.0, 12/2001. “Nearly all” had electromagnetic patterns consistent with HAARP. Now FEMA plans a National Level Exercise in the New Madrid area where thousands of birds and fish have died mysteriously and Arkansas has had 1000 low-level earthquakes. FEMA was in NYC for a drill on 9-11; (unanswered questions), but maybe Russia is threatening us with their HAARP?

FEMA’s drill includes May 19, a date intersected by two timelines in Zephaniah 1:8,15, explained on Ruhling’s website. He reminds us of a May National Day of Prayer; why not a National Night of Prayer that he says is protective, on the eve of May 19. Biblical reasons for this are posted at and he promises more information if May 19 is huge.


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