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Pheromones for Men Believed to Improve Sex Appeal


Pheromones – chemical substances that many animals produce that cause others to react in some way. What many might not have heard of is that now there are pheromones for men (and women too) that is thought to be used to improve sex appeal.

Some people are said to be incredibly attractive “for some unfathomable reason”. There’s no simple explanation, it’s like there was a tickling in the back of the mind, but one couldn’t quite reach in and pull it out into the light. That could very well be the pheromones at work. People subconsciously used pheromones to signal various emotions and to stimulate certain reactions – subconsciously, but only until today.

Now there are products which are essentially bottled pheromones for men or women. Attractiveness is useful at many times in daily lives, but perhaps the most intensely-coveted quality that attractiveness grants is sex appeal.

For example, there is a product in the market called Pherazone It is a perfume infused with pheromones for men, specifically the pheromones to signal masculinity and sexual vigor. Yes, it makes one smell like a stud, though others won’t be able to identify it exactly as that. True, the noticeable fragrances are quite sensual, but the unidentifiable undertones are what do the trick. Pheromones are not smelled in the same way as daily scents, but the olfactory sense picks it up.

Pherazone for Men is sold in small 18 milligram spray bottles, making them easy to carry on one’s person for use at any time. There’s no need to use a lot of this product as it contains a very high concentration of sexual pheromones, and the fragrance is quite strong. One spray is enough for 6 hours of effects.

Pherazone pheromones, Nexus pheromones and other effective pheromone-centric products are meant to enhance sex appeal, but this does not necessarily translate into intercourse. Simply put, enhanced sex appeal can entice people to talk to a person, to ask for dinner or movie dates, and so on. It’s about sex, but not always copulation. Smart users will know how to use this to improve their face-to-face business relationships too.

Of course, using this to improve one’s sex life is indeed one of the express purposes. Spray it on to instigate, or apply for a heightened session of carnal pleasure. Most men use this to turn on personal charm for a synergistic and unbeatable one-two combo to the conscious and subconscious.

More information about pheromones for men is known to abound in the Internet for those who are interested.


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