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At Graph Expo 2010, Fujifilm Delivers Speed, Innovation and Flexibility


Digital, Offset and Newspaper Print Solutions Demonstrate Growth Opportunities for Graphic Communications Industry

Valhalla, N.Y., September 27, 2010 – FUJIFILM North America Corporation today announced its Graphic Systems Division will exhibit at GRAPH EXPO 2010 at booth #627 and booth #1469 (Newspaper Pavilion) under its new banner, “The future of digital printing is here.” The show mantra highlights the company’s new message to its print partners, “Why Stand Alone?”, which is Fujifilm’s commitment to helping printers navigate this rapidly changing industry and to stand with them to help make sense of new technologies and determine how those technologies translate into long-term growth and sustainability - whether it’s an offset printer, digital printer, newspaper publisher or a combination. A comprehensive portfolio of products for every shop will be displayed during the show and will exemplify how Fujifilm’s determination to stand with its partners as they head into the future.

GRAPH EXPO 2010 will also mark the U.S. launch of the much-anticipated FUJIFILM Digital Inkjet J Press 720, which will be running live at Fujifilm’s booth for the duration of the show for the first time in North America. This latest advancement in print technology is where the quality of offset printing meets the flexibility of digital printing.

“Fujifilm’s message, ‘The future of digital printing is here,’ speaks to the commitment we have to the print industry, which, at GRAPH EXPO, will be demonstrated through the innovative technology that powers everything from our latest breakthrough, the J Press 720, to our CTP solutions,” said Sam Ota, division president, Graphic Systems Division, FUJIFILM North America Corporation. “Fujifilm sees this as a time of great potential that printers can take advantage of to reinvent themselves, and we want them to know they don’t have to do it alone.”

“No two print shops are the same, so at GRAPH EXPO 2010 we are really looking forward to helping our customers identify the right revenue-generating solution for their business,” said Todd Zimmerman, vice president of sales and marketing, Graphic Systems Division, FUJIFILM North America Corporation.

In addition to the series of solutions that will be demonstrated at booth #627, Fujifilm will also be at booth #1469 in the Newspaper Pavilion to showcase its latest products and solutions to partners in the newspaper industry.

FUJIFILM Digital Inkjet J Press 720
The FUJIFILM Digital Inkjet J Press 720 has the look and feel of an offset press but offers the versatility and job handling of a digital device. With paper delivery and exit like that of a traditional offset press, it prints up to 2,700 four-up size sheets per hour, or 10,800 8.5”x11” pages per hour. The J Press 720 prints on regular coated offset stocks, which allows for printing offset-sized sheets with a maximum sheet size of 29.5”x20.8”, which means the press will create new opportunities for digital print with applications such as gate-fold brochures, folders and more unusual page sizes all possible down to run lengths of one.

It uses water-based, eco-friendly ink so there is no toner pile-up, resulting in an offset-like finish and quality. The water-based inks also mean the unit requires less cleaning and produces less waste. Print quality is 1,200 dpi and offers four-level grayscale capability, which is achieved by utilizing FUJIFILM Dimatix’s SAMBA™ single pass piezo drop-on-demand inkjet head technology. The J Press 720 has an incorporated infrared drying system, which means no drying time is necessary after printing so sheets are ready for finishing.

Digital Solutions
Two Xerox color presses will be in operation in Fujifilm’s booth this year, the Xerox® 700 Digital Color Press and the Xerox® Color 800 Press, both capable of printing at 2400x2400dpi. The Xerox 700 prints 70 pages per minute in color and black and white. The Xerox Color 800/1000 Presses prints 80-100 pages per minute, depending on configuration, on a large variety of coated and uncoated stocks. Perhaps the most impressive feature of the Xerox Color 800/1000 is its optional Clear Dry Ink, offering print buyers more creative freedom since it supports inventive spot finishes and effects that would otherwise require processing through additional equipment. Each device is ideal for marketing collateral, direct mail and photo publishing with a low-melt EA Toner on the Xerox 700 and the new Low-Melt Dry Ink on the Xerox color 800/1000 that produces smooth, offset-like output.

The Acuity Advance HS UV flatbed printer with roll media option will also be running live on the show floor. The Acuity Advance HS has an express mode, printing at speeds up to 657 ft2 per hour, and a production mode, printing at speeds of 430 ft2 per hour, and offers photographic print quality specifically designed for applications that require fine detail and high-resolution imaging. Available with a roll media option, the Acuity Advance HS is an ideal solution for printing on a variety of flexible materials at extremely high quality. Enhancing the print performance of the Acuity Advance HS are ColorGATE PRODUCTIONSERVER6 and Fujifilm Sericol’s uniquely formulated Uvijet inks. Uvijet’s Micro-V dispersion technology delivers wide adhesion, vibrancy and durability in every print.

Fujifilm will also display the ESKO Kongsberg i-cut® XL24 this year at GRAPH EXPO 2010. The Kongsberg i-cut offers knife cutting, creasing and routing on a variety of media types. With a multitude of cutting tools – kiss-cut, single and double edge, oscillating, crease and ball point pen tools – the i-cut makes virtually any digital imaging possible for print shops. The easy-to-use software helps reduce mistakes, wasted materials and labor intensity while offering accuracy and precision over long or short print runs. Compatible with many RIPs, including ColorGATE, i-cut software enables easy integration into an existing production environment.

Fujifilm will also display two roll-fed print solutions. The first is the Epson Stylus Pro 7900, a 24” roll printer driven by ORIS Color Tuner™ Pro Web technology offering the best proofing solution on the market. Offering photographic print quality, the Epson Stylus Pro 7900 is compatible with virtually any media type in roll or cut sheet. The high precision, 10-channel Epson MicroPiezo TFP print head technology is capable of handling 10 separate ink channels and produces variable sized droplets as small as 3.5 picoliters to greatly decrease print times while optimizing photographic quality. Using a three-level black ink technology – black, light black and light, light black – bronzing of basic pigment chemistry is virtually eliminated and outstanding highlight-to-shadow grayscale accuracy and smoother tonal range is produced.

Another roll printer, the Mutoh ValueJet 1618-64” eco-solvent solution, dual-headed, eight-channel printer, will also be on display at Fujifilm’s booth. Printing at speeds of up to 480 ft2 per hour, the ValueJet 1618-64” jets ink in waves rather than traditional straight lines, increasing speed and virtually eliminating banding. The ValueJet 1618-64” is also equipped with the convenience of a built-in drying system that includes individually controlled pre-, platen and post-heaters.

Wide Format UV and Solvent Roll Media
Fujifilm will showcase its expansive line-up of wide format UV and solvent roll media, which provides printers with optimal print quality and color performance while providing durability and ease of use for virtually any application. A variety of media will be on display including banner selections, premium papers, adhesive backed vinyl, backlit media, canvas, wall and floor graphic media and perforated window film. All of the media is designed for use on UV and solvent solutions and is the perfect complement to Fujifilm’s printer, ink and color management RIP solutions.

Ink Dispensing
Fujifilm will again be demonstrating the latest PANTONE® ink dispensing system with the GFI Innovations’ Mx6 Ink Dispenser. With its compact design, the Mx6 is ideal for most print operations and gives printers the ability to make just the right amount of their own PMS inks in-house – from 1/4 to 45 pounds – considerably reducing costs, time and inventory.

CTP Solutions
Fujifilm’s state-of-the-art Javelin 8600N-S thermal CTP device with single cassette autoloader will also be on the show floor. Delivering the versatility and productivity printers need to keep their presses running, the Javelin 8600N-S is a high-speed platesetter providing an impressive output of up to 22 plates per hour at 2,400 dpi. A center-load registration system with automatic drum balancing guarantees registration on press for faster makereadies, and an automatic inline punching system helps enable perfect registration. Featuring a laser redundancy system, the system will not go down with a laser failure. The Javelin 8600N-S, with a full range of automation options, supports Fujifilm’s full line of Brillia HD digital plates.

Fujifilm Brillia HD digital plates accommodate long-, medium- and short-run applications and give printers faster makereadies and superior image quality. All of Fujifilm’s Brillia plates deliver superior results: better consistency, sharper dots, faster makeready times and are designed to have a reduced impact on the environment. The Brillia line of plates possesses Fujifilm’s patented MultiGrain surface treatment technology for outstanding press latitude and tonal characteristics. The complex surface structure has three elements – primary grains, honeycomb grains and micropores. This unbeatable combination delivers rich tonal values, exceptional dot resolution from highlights to shadows, reduced ink/water balance and consistency. Fujifilm will showcase its line-up of no-bake thermal plates: LH-PJ and LH-PL; baked thermal plates: LH-NI3 and LH-PSE; processless plates: Ecomaxx-T, Ecomaxx-V and Ecomaxx-VN (newspaper); and violet plates: LP-NV2 and LP-NNV (newspaper). Fujifilm’s Brillia LH-PJ, LH-PL, LH-NI3 and LH-PSE plates are all compatible with Fujifilm’s FLH-Z Processor with its ZAC Automated Technology Module, recipient of the 2010 InterTech™ Technology Award for its control over plate processing which results in more consistent plates, a money savings on chemicals, and a reduction in chemical waste without requiring a change in workflow.

Software Solutions
Fujifilm will demonstrate a series of software solutions at GRAPH EXPO 2010. First is the 2009 InterTech™ Technology Award recipient, Fujifilm’s Taskero Universe ColorPath Verified®, and ColorPath Sync®, which is new to Taskero Universe. Taskero Universe ColorPath Verified monitors the performance of all color equipment in the workflow and ensures printers achieve consistent color output from different devices. The solution’s monitoring functionality equips printers with real-time help, support and communication to quickly resolve issues, avert downtime and minimize wasted consumables. Taskero Universe ColorPath Verified tracks the functionality of equipment, consumable consumption and color integrity to optimize performance across all color devices in the workroom, and can be customized to each individual shop owner’s configurations thanks to a Web-based anytime/anywhere monitoring solution. Backed by Fujifilm’s Print Performance Team, both customers and Fujifilm specialists are alerted when a device is operating below established standards.

The new Taskero Universe ColorPath Sync has the ability to optimize color in the G7® process and enables the creation of G7 curves for platemaking and printing to G7 conditions. A unique benefit of ColorPath Sync is that is resides in the “cloud,” allowing for easy access and historical tracking to G7 conditions.

ColorPath Verified as well as ColorPath Sync will be monitoring and controlling color output live, not only in the Fujifilm booth but in other booths throughout the show floor.

FUJIFILM Workflow XMF will also be onsite this year. Developed to address the needs of today’s printers and the challenges of shorter print runs, increasingly complex jobs and quick turnarounds, Workflow XMF is a pure PDF workflow that increases productivity, quality and efficiency. Its cross-media capability makes it compatible with digital and offset equipment so it is easy to switch jobs from one printer to another with the click of the mouse. PDF content is preserved throughout the workflow and requires no internal conversions or file “flattening” to carry out job processing. With a native JDF architecture, XMF offers great flexibility in reacting to changes or re-targeting jobs from offset to digital or vice-versa. It uses Adobe’s PDF Print Engine, making it possible to achieve huge increases in RIP speed. An integrated imposition allows for maximum productivity and accuracy and the intelligent automation offers maximum quality and throughput. Based on open standards, the easy-to-use software will remain compatible with new print technologies for years to come, making it a sound business investment.

Fujifilm will also showcase Rampage Systems’ prepress workflow. Providing real-world automation for offset and digital devices, Rampage is an open system that offers raster and vector workflows, providing unmatched flexibility to meet individual business objectives and production requirements. The solution makes it easy to handle today’s shorter print runs and allows changes to be easy to handle and apply. It is JDF-compatible, has a PDF Trap Engine that auto traps flattened or unflattened PDF files with transparent effects to reduce labor costs and offers re-usable workflows to reduce set-up time for jobs. An investment that will last into the future, Rampage’s open architecture evolves with the print industry so printers are free to make decisions about proofing, plating and other digital options without impacting their core workflow investment.

Metrix planning and workflow integration software will also be demonstrated at Fujifilm’s booth. Metrix streamlines and automates the entire planning and imposition process with a single, user-friendly application. Whether a commercial print company, an e-commerce print portal or both, Metrix is designed to save time and money. It automatically creates a variety of layouts including combinations of flat, folded and/or bound products and recreates layouts to accommodate changes to run length, press, finishing and any other production parameters that can affect imposition. The software automatically generates JDF or PDF imposition data for prepress once the production plans are complete and automatically applies shop standard layout rules and marks to matching new products. Metrix is an intuitive, easy-to-implement software solution that offers automation without sacrificing user control. It can be integrated with order entry, estimating and MIS via JDF, XML or CSV files as well as with finishing equipment via CIP3 or JDF.

Fujifilm will also showcase the DesignMerge® Pro Bundle, a powerful variable data printing (VDP) software package that works directly within the Adobe® InDesign® or QuarkXPress® page layout applications. The software allows the user to easily “personalize” any InDesign or QuarkXPress document, with variable text, graphics, articles and even entire page layouts. The document never leaves the native application, and all of the InDesign styling, color and typographical controls are fully supported. With DesignMerge, just take any normal QuarkXPress or InDesign document, and “Make it Variable™”.

Also on display will be ColorGATE PRODUCTIONSERVER6 Software, which is compatible with Fujifilm’s complete portfolio of wide format printers. With ColorGATE, printers are able to use one RIP and one color management system across all of the devices in their shop, allowing them to achieve predictable results and consistent color. The quality assurance and quality control tools make ColorGATE the ideal choice for those customers interested in implementing G7, running to SWOP, GRACoL or simply matching a job from six months ago. ColorGATE allows for color consistency between various inkjet devices, and features an optimized workflow when printing with white, including underprint, overprint, selective, spot, filling and pixel underprint. ColorGATE can be viewed in action when it powers the Acuity Advance HS UV flatbed printer and Mutoh ValueJet 1618-64” on the Graph Expo show floor.

Finally, Fujifilm will also showcase a series of CGS technologies at their booth this year. First is ORIS Color Tuner // Web™, a complete application that combines color management, high-speed output and proofing-specific media for inkjet printers. Second is ORIS Press Matcher // Web. With ORIS Press Matcher, different systems can colormetrically be aligned to one common repeatable standard, whether its an international standard like ISO coated V2 or SWOP, or a specific common standard. The third solution Fujifilm will demonstrate from CGS is ORIS Ink Saver™. Based on award-winning CGS color management technology and the advanced 4D gamut mapping algorithms for color-managed intelligent ink reduction, ORIS Ink Saver significantly reduces the CMY components for all printed elements and optimizes the black separation while maintaining visual and colorimetric integrity.

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