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Rippol Launches with Intelligent Video Discovery Engine


Rippol Launches with Intelligent Video Discovery Engine

Rippol Helps Users Discover, Watch and Share Online Video Using Real-Time Social Network Interaction, Social Impact and Intelligent Learning Technology

San Francisco, Calif., Nov. 20, 2009 — Rippol™ today announced its company launch with an Intelligent Video Discovery Engine,™ leveraging the power of social impact and intelligent machine learning to enhance video discovery. Rippol was designed to help people discover, watch and share online video content in real-time, so that it’s always easy to quickly find something good to watch.

Rippol enables users to stream video from sources all over the web including Revision3, Hulu, CNN, Fox, Amazon, MSNBC, Netflix, Joost, YouTube, Justin.TV, Last.Fm, MTV and other content providers. Users can filter, search or have tailored content suggestions selected for them by Rippol’s Intelligent Discovery Engine.

Integration with other social networks including Facebook and Twitter enable users to chat, share links and suggest content to their extended social networks in real-time. A detachable HD video player enables users to pop the video window out of Rippol’s site and position anywhere on their computer screen, with the ability to create video playlists, push content recommendations out to social networks and educate the system based on likes and dislikes.

The Problem – An Ocean of Content, What Should I watch?
Between the explosion of user-generated clips on YouTube, the major studios and networks making their content available online and the huge amount of professional content being developed specifically for the web, there is an endless amount of video to be consumed online. The problem is sifting through it all to find videos that you actually want to watch.
Currently, most online video content lies behind the walled gardens of each specific media company or content provider’s site, requiring the web video viewer to visit several different web properties to find a certain show or genre of programming.
Google and Bing Video serve as good key word search tools if you know what you’re looking for, but you won’t find clever links to all content you personally want to watch. There are content providers out there like Netflix and Hulu that aggregate a massive amount of content. However it can be a major time sink for a person to find videos to watch if they don’t know exactly what they’d like to see.
The current techniques used for sorting video based on parameters like “most viewed” or “recently added” provides a lack of consideration for individual tastes and preferences.

The Butterfly Effect Network™ – Social Discovery through Intelligent Learning
To address this problem, we’ve engineered Rippol as a tool that provides the crucial missing piece in the current online video landscape: an intelligent engine capable of providing a unique discovery experience for each individual viewer, rather than a homogeneous experience for all visitors to the site.
We observed that when people do watch a new TV show, movie or video clip, it’s usually because a friend, family member or colleague either spoke about it, emailed it, tweeted about or posted a link or update on Facebook. We recognized that this power of social influence was one of the primary factors in driving people to step outside of the comfort zone of what they’re familiar with and discover new content to watch.
“Rippol shifts the discovery experience so that instead of people seeking out content, now content finds the right people,” said Aaron Crayford, founder and CEO of Rippol. “The Internet has enabled a new medium of interactive viewing, The Intervision, where it’s all about the individual and what they personally want to watch. Rippol’s Intelligent Discovery Engine analyzes the end user’s social depth, the 3rd dimension that is found in The Intervision, to push content out to people based on what they like or would most likely want to be aware of.”
Rippol is unique in the content discovery space in that it uses advanced machine learning technology to process a huge amount of information about each specific end user in real-time. This system of proprietary real-time ranking algorithms is called The Butterfly Effect Network™.
Every video a user watches, rates and reviews affects The Butterfly Effect Network, which changes the order they and others connected to them see content in real-time. The Butterfly Effect Network cross references videos similar to what the user likes and has watched with the habits and opinions of their friends and demographics. Given that information, the network thinks about what the user might like best in that exact moment and then presents them with content ranked relative to their anticipated interests.
The Butterfly Effect Network helps users discover new content they might not otherwise know about and become more aware of the content that is being watched or discussed within their social circles. As users interact and educate the algorithm based on likes and dislikes, the system is able to continually improve the quality and relevance of suggested content.
About Rippol
Rippol is an intelligent video discovery engine to help people discovery video they’d like to watch among the ocean of video online. Rippol is a private company, founded in April, 2009 which can be found online at



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