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Florida Health Insurance ALERT: Town Hall Disruptions Funded By Health Industry?


MIAMI-- While members of Congress are trying to come up with a fair and balanced health care plan for America, the health care industry is spending millions of dollars per day to protect their backsides. Democrats on the hill are accusing Republican’s and their ‘PR firms’ of disrupting town-hall meetings across the country; inciting fear and violence, in order to stop the health care plan from passing.

Florida health insurance web, a free health insurance service is covering the health insurance bill currently in Congress and how it may affect Florida residents and their health care. (The web site offers comparative insurance rates, and reviews.)

The health insurance journal posted these editorial questions:
• “When did it become okay for businesses to use millions of dollars per day to spread lies?”
• “Why is it okay for these companies to accept ‘donations’ from rich Republican donors and then use it to spread fear, and violence?”
• “Why would the health industry pay millions of dollars every day to stop health reform?”

You are smart enough to figure it out.

The health insurance debate, is no longer a debate, you can’t have a debate when parties are in denial about the facts, or when you are trying to debate with people “on the take”. You can’t talk about health insurance, when the health insurance industry pays millions per day to fill town hall meetings with people who are misinformed about changes in health care. You can’t talk about change when the people you are talking to, are in the room to create trouble.

Remember, it’s not too hard to trick an entire nation. It’s happened to us before - not too long ago. So they know if they scare us, they can pretty much do what they want. That’s terrorism!
They think you would be afraid if they told you, you were about to lose your coverage, or that the plan intends to refuse care to your dying grandmother – so they spread those lies. They take millions of dollars, and pay TV networks to run ads that are meant to confuse and distort the facts; they tell lies to spread fear. The term for that is ‘propaganda’.

Who is behind this health insurance blockade? Most likely those who make the most money now, and stand to lose the most money should reform come. Let’s see, who makes the most money now from health care? That could be: Doctors, or these new medical groups who make a killing overbilling their insurance claims, and any of the big health companies might be a good candidate.

The drug companies stand to lose billions if health reform passes, and the members of Congress, both Republican and Democrat, who have taken hundreds of millions of dollars over the years, are now doing everything they can to stop health insurance reform – they might be involved too – what do you think?

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