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Dog Heart Attack – How to Protect Your Dog’s Heart


Owning a dog comes with a great deal of responsibility, and when it comes to a dog’s health, there are many illnesses that are better prevented than cured. And, this includes canine heart attacks.

Dogs, like humans, suffer from heart disease and can suffer from heart attacks, which are typically brought on by diabetes, old age, and obesity as well as by congenital heart defects and diseases of the heart.

Diabetes and obesity often causes the arteries of a dog’s heart to become blocked or they may narrow due to fatty deposits while the heart of an older dog may suffer from a weakening of the heart muscles with the result that your dog’s heart may no longer function as well as it did when your pet was younger. Congenital abnormalities, which are usually present at the time of a dog’s birth, tend to cause heart issues earlier in a dog’s life and are much harder to treat.

Heart disease in dogs is not uncommon. The three major forms of dog heart disease are dilated cardiomyopathy (or DCM), an enlarged heart, and heart murmurs—all of which can cause your dog to have a heart attack. However, knowing what to look for and how to prevent your pet from suffering from a heart attack can mean the difference between him or her living to a ripe old age or passing away prematurely.

The five most prevalent signs of your dog having a heart attack are:

1. Breathing difficulties;
2. Excessive panting;
3. Drowsiness;
4. Coughing; and
5. Lethargy.

Veterinarians diagnose heart failure in dogs by testing their heart rhythm and blood pressure as well as conducting more in-depth cardiograms, which record you dog’s heart activity. Treatment for heart failure is often costly and complex with your pet having to be hospitalized, being put on a drip, and taking a cocktail of drugs, which allow its heart to recover and function better in the future. However, as with humans, once your pet has suffered from a heart attack, special care and a diet will have to be followed to ensure that he or she has a certain quality of life.

While a dog heart attack can be treated by a veterinarian and possibly have a successful outcome, prevention is far better than a cure. This is why a product has been manufactured and is now available to protect your dog’s heart from heart attacks, using natural ingredients that have anti-clotting properties.

The product, called PetSprin-D, is similar to baby Aspirin in that it contains anti-clotting properties and is formulated especially for dogs. PetSprin-D contains a natural soy ingredient named Nattokinase, which is an enzyme that has been used by the Japanese for thousands of years and is believed to have contributed to that nationality’s long life expectancy.
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