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Maritime / Marine

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Colorado Digital Learning Solutions Selects Marine Science 101
8/17/2016 11:45:13 AM
DENVER — Aug. 17, 2016 — Ocean First Education today announced that Colorado Digital Learning Solutions (CDLS) will offer Marine Science 101 through its supplemental online course network, serving over 50 school districts around the state.   The course will be offered to students beginning in January, following training of an online instructor this fall.   “One of our …
Study Live Ocean Data with Ocean First Education’s Interactive Portal to the Argo Buoy Project
8/15/2016 1:02:12 PM
Ocean First Education announced the deployment of a user-friendly online portal that provides teachers and students with an interactive tool to tap the vast reservoir of data from the Argo Buoy Project.   “The Argo project has provided an invaluable contribution to monitoring the temperature and salinity of the ocean for sixteen years—and continues strong to this day,” said …
Ocean Literacy is Course of the Month
8/8/2016 1:22:54 PM
Ocean Literacy, a core course from Ocean First Education, is the featured course this month, available to any student, parent, homeschooler or educator.   Ideal for any students from third grade through high school, the course uses engaging and interactive learning tools to explore the seven tenets of ocean literacy as established by NOAA (the National Oceanic and …
Identifying Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Hazards on Boats
Identifying Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Hazards on Boats
8/4/2016 8:42:41 AM
Millions of people enjoy spending their time on all types of boats during the summer season. While many people relish their time on lakes, rivers or the ocean, boats powered by a combustion engine should be aware of potential carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning hazards. The U.S. Coast Guard’s Boating Safety Division warns boaters that exposure to carbon monoxide can harm or …
Identifying Carbon Monoxide Hazards in Commercial and Recreational Boats in Puerto Rico
Identifying Carbon Monoxide Hazards in Commercial and Recreational Boats in Puerto Rico
8/1/2016 10:13:16 AM
Puerto Rico’s archipelago provides hundreds of miles of shoreline that offer an ideal environment for recreational boating and numerous commercial boating applications. The vast majority of these boats are powered by various forms of combustion engines which produce carbon monoxide (CO).     Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas that can cause sudden illness and …

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