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Best Selling Book “Above & Beyond” Is Now Free on Amazon for the Next 5 Days
2/16/2015 6:00:00 AM
Dr. Nicoline Ambe’s Best Selling Book, “ Above & Beyond: How To Help Your Child Get Good Grades In School, And Position Them For Success In College, Career & Life ” is now Available for FREE to download in the Amazon Kindle Store. This book offers practical and effective ideas that parents can immediately implement at home to help their children get good grades in …
Low Fat Healthy Treats for Dogs Are Essential to Avoid Vet Bills
2/15/2015 5:51:54 PM
LINDFIELD, Australia March 2014 – In a recent article published on The Telegraph, dog trainer Louise Glazebrook explains how the diet pet owners feed their four-legged friend can have a massive influence on their pet’s health and behaviour. She explains that “a nutritious, balanced diet is essential to keeping your dog healthy” and “a diet high in sugar, salt, and processed …
UN warns of ‘urgent’ humanitarian situation as Boko Haram attacks spill over Nigeria border
UN warns of ‘urgent’ humanitarian situation as Boko Haram attacks spill over Nigeria border
2/13/2015 6:40:29 PM
As the continuing violence in north-east Nigeria spills across the country’s borders and into neighbouring Chad, Cameroon and Niger, the United Nations refugee agency ( UNHCR ) today sounded the alarm for the tens of thousands of Nigerian refugees and internally displaced people (IDPs) currently in need of urgent humanitarian assistance. “We are extremely concerned about the …
Workers Name Their Top Office Romance Deal Breakers in New CareerBuilder Survey
2/13/2015 9:49:56 AM
From Sam and Diane on ‘Cheers’ to Olivia Pope and the President on ‘Scandal,’ office romances have always made for good TV. Perhaps that’s why so many workers have tried the same thing in real life. According to a new survey from CareerBuilder, 37 percent of workers have dated a co-worker, and 30 percent of those office romances have led to marriage. But what work-related …
The World’s First Gay Infomercial: Introducing Boy Butter
The World’s First Gay Infomercial: Introducing Boy Butter
2/13/2015 9:00:00 AM
The makers of “Boy Butter,” a personal lubricant brand popular in the gay market, are releasing the first ever gay infomercial to air on US and Canadian television in March of 2015. Just in time for Season 7 of RuPaul’s Drag Race on LOGO in the USA and OutTV in Canada. “I’ve always wanted to produce a Boy Butter commercial along the lines of the wacky and campy Thighmaster …
United Colors Of Benetton Chooses Joan Smalls As Its Style Ambassador
United Colors Of Benetton Chooses Joan Smalls As Its Style Ambassador
2/13/2015 8:18:43 AM
United Colors of Benetton chooses Joan Smalls , icon and today’s top supermodel, as its muse and style ambassador for the Spring/Summer 2015 campaign. Not just a testimonial, but a true “style ambassador”, Joan is a highly talented and successful woman who reflects the perfect Benetton way of life – Italian style, that mixes fashion and practicality to which always enhances …
Carnegie Mellon Researchers Reveal How Mindfulness Training Affects Health
Carnegie Mellon Researchers Reveal How Mindfulness Training Affects Health
2/13/2015 8:11:55 AM
Over the past decade, there have been many encouraging findings suggesting that mindfulness training can improve a broad range of mental and physical health problems. Yet, exactly how mindfulness positively impacts health is not clear. Carnegie Mellon University’s J. David Creswell — whose cutting-edge work has shown how mindfulness meditation reduces loneliness in older …
Robin Williams’ Estate Battle is a Teachable Estate Planning Moment
2/12/2015 6:21:34 PM
When people think about their estate plan, they typically focus on the big ticket items like their house, investments, retirement accounts and life insurance.  Unfortunately they often overlook personal items like mementos, collections and items with sentimental value.   Most personal belongings can’t be distributed equally to more than one beneficiary.  These things carry …
Introducing PHORM™, a Dynamic Morphing Screen That Magically Provides Buttons on Touchscreens That Are Only There When You Need Them and Gone When You Don’t
2/12/2015 3:08:55 PM
Fremont, Calif. – February 12, 2015 --  How many times have you tried to send an important email from your phone or tablet, only to find that you’ve accidentally sent something riddled with auto-corrected typos? While the software inside our mobile devices continues to adapt to user individuality with the advent of artificial intelligence,  Phorm  is the first time hardware …
Clean Alpine White BMW E90 335i Build By European Auto Source
2/12/2015 2:43:14 PM
Irvine, Calif. – Irvine BMW is excited to confirm, The BMW E90 3 Series is still one of the highest regarded sedans out there. European Auto Source got their hands on an E90 335i and worked their magic on the powerful sedan by adding several cosmetic mods while raising the power.   ·      the 335i churns out 438hp and 471ft-lbs tq at the wheels; at the same level as the new …
2016 BMW ALPINA B6 xDrive Gran Coupe Delivers More Power and Refinement Than Ever
2/12/2015 2:37:01 PM
Buena Park, Calif. – Shelly BMW is excited to confirm, the new 2016 model year BMW ALPINA B6 xDrive Gran Coupe gains subtle BMW enhancements and benefits.   ·      BMW North America unveils the 2016 BMW Alpina B6 xDrive Gran Coupe. ·      The four-door Gran Coupe, built by the Buchloe-based automaker, brings some small design updates and an increase in power …
Dating & Disabilities: Easter Seals Love & Relationships Story Series Returns
2/12/2015 10:34:15 AM
Easter Seals’ “Love, Dating, Relationships and Disabilities” returns just in time for Valentine’s Day—featuring a new panel of experts enduring life’s most sincere moments.  The second annual digital series explores love in its many forms, with first-hand accounts from the frontlines of dating, marriage, intimacy and friendship, all with people living—and loving—with …
Tobacco May Cause More Deaths than Currently Estimated
2/12/2015 10:28:07 AM
A new study suggests that current estimates significantly underestimate the number of Americans who die from cigarette smoking. The Surgeon General estimates that each year, smoking kills about 480,000 Americans. The study, led by American Cancer Society researchers, suggests that cigarette smoking may kill tens of thousands more from diseases that are not currently counted as …
Launching an Internet Home Business, Secrets Revealed by Online Business Mentor
2/12/2015 5:00:00 AM
VICTORIA, Australia February 2015 – Why do business owners need a website? According to a study conducted by marketing agency Hubspot, about 78 per cent of Internet users undertake product research online before they make a transaction. This includes both consumers who are looking for places to buy products online, and those who are searching for local businesses where they …
How to Stop Feeling Guilty – Success Mentor Shares Work Life Balance Tips with Mothers
2/11/2015 7:30:56 PM
ADELAIDE, Australia February 2015 – The last national census in 2011 revealed that of the more than half a million mothers in paid employment, many feel emotionally torn between staying at home and taking care of their children and maintaining a career, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. A 2013 survey undertaken by childcare website CareforKids also found that a …
Where the Regular Mom becomes the Celebrity Chef
Where the Regular Mom becomes the Celebrity Chef
2/11/2015 3:18:14 PM
Hot Moms Cookbook® has launched a unique cookbook that was created to promote adventurous home cooked meals and to change the way we think about cooking. The cookbook, published by Hot Moms Cookbook®, features 25 moms from different nationalities and many delicious homemade recipes, including appetizers, entrees, vegetarian dishes, fish, soups, salads, and …
Magnanimity Magazine, Featuring Uplifting Articles and In-Depth Interviews Launched by Leslie Stone, Award-Winning Writer, Editor and Journalist
Magnanimity Magazine, Featuring Uplifting Articles and In-Depth Interviews Launched by Leslie Stone, Award-Winning Writer, Editor and Journalist
2/11/2015 3:07:09 PM
Leslie Stone utilizes over two decades of experience covering business, finance, real estate, and lifestyle issues for newspapers, magazines and online publications by launching Magnanimity Magazine. Magnanimity Magazine features articles that are all about good news, and it is a place meant for people to visit and find uplifting stories of hope and inspiration.   “There is …
Por el Planeta International Conservation Photography Competition Launches with Mission to Promote Conservation through Art of Photography
2/11/2015 10:52:01 AM
Por el Planeta, the first international conservation photography competition, is now open for submissions via its online portal at The inaugural competition, which runs through March 27, 2015, will award more than USD $300,000 in 22 prizes, including $100,000 for the best picture overall. Participation in Por el Planeta directly translates into resources …
Nationwide survey reveals widespread use of mind and body practices
Nationwide survey reveals widespread use of mind and body practices
2/11/2015 10:48:16 AM
More Americans of all ages are rolling out their yoga mats in an effort to improve their health. A large nationally representative survey shows that the number of Americans using mind and body approaches to improve health and well-being remains high. Of note is a significant increase in the use of yoga since 2002. In addition, almost as many Americans practice meditation or …
PUMA and Usain Bolt Ignite New York
PUMA and Usain Bolt Ignite New York
2/11/2015 10:43:39 AM
Usain Bolt was at the heart of a spectacular stunt in New York last night to launch PUMA IGNITE, a running shoe that provides maximum energy return. In the energy hub of the city that never sleeps, runners powered away on treadmills in Times Square throughout the day with the energy from their IGNITE shoes being collected and stored. When the threshold reached 100%, the …